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TX Texturas by Grevy Upholstery and Decoration Leathers for Sales and Export


A new line has been added called NEW SKYN. It is characterized by its vintage effect of double tone and matte, which gives it a smooth texture without any shine, and at the same time high durability; Since it has a protective lacquer for the intensive use, which gives it greater resistance. It is an aniline leather with transparency and at the same time has a finish that makes it suitable for modern furniture, neoclassical or style. It also has a natural grain, and the thickness makes it suitable for upholstery. This versatility also makes it compatible in all types of decorations. It is offered in cooper color (tobacco tone) or sand color.

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Grevy is a reliable company devoted to the production of Upholstery leather and Decoration, as well as rugs and leather goods made with natural and printed and dyed cowhides.

We manufacture a high range of cowhide cushions/pillows, patchworks and accessories. We make any kind of special order or innovative model according to the needs of our customers, with different hair-on cowhide leathers and textures.

Our aim is to maintain quality and a totally efficient service from which we are highly recognized to meet the most demanding needs of the market.